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the article on rebecca kingsley’s struggle to complete a definitive documentary on D.C.’s historical disenfranchisement (“Suffrage for Her Art,” Artifacts, 11/24) highlights perhaps the biggest roadblock to us ever getting our full citizenship rights: our own local leaders and so-called “advocates.” I’ve seen the rough cut of Ms. Kingsley’s film The Last Colony, and it is a meticulously researched and professionally produced piece of work that could be an invaluable tool in efforts to educate the nation and world about our predicament. However, the Williams administration seems too distracted by lobbying for the Davis-Norton “voting rights” bill (which is a constitutionally dubious diversion that fails to address our full citizenship rights) to support such common-sense grassroots organizing strategies as outreach and education. Will Mayor-elect Adrian Fenty (who, sadly, has also lately jumped aboard the Davis-Norton train wreck) soon realize that our solutions to attaining full enfranchisement and, yes, statehood, are right here under our noses and not in some Republican congressman’s legislative trickery? Will his administration provide the financing necessary to finish The Last Colony and put it before schoolchildren and voting adults across the U.S.? I certainly hope so.