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Closed: Nov. 14

Reopened: Nov. 15

History: no citations listed in city records dating back to 1999

Health Department Says: operating a food establishment without a license; persons in charge not certified food managers recognized by the department

Business Says: Inspectors should be more patient. The citation was due to a lack of communication between Andrew Agak, the shop’s owner, and his employees. Agak says that he is a certified food manager, that he has a proper license, and that he was on duty when the health inspector arrived. But he was conducting a meeting in a back room at the time. The inspector’s presence, Agak explains, didn’t register any urgency from his staff. One employee told Agak, “Someone is here to see you.” And then, a few minutes later, the employee buzzed his cell phone and told him, “Someone’s here from the city.” The inspector was not pleased with the wait, so Agak was cited before he could get out of the meeting. Says Agak, “I guess the employee didn’t know where to show them the license,” which is posted on a wall in a side room. The loss of business was “negligible,” he says. “I’m OK with it. No hard feelings.”

—Jason Cherkis