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i stopped reading city paper a year ago because of the falling-off in quality of the writing. So imagine my surprise when I picked up a copy and read James Jones’ and Jason Cherkis’ shock-jock article on the new D.C. police chief, who happens to be female (Loose Lips, “Lanier’s On-the-Job Training,” 12/1). It was all about blowjobs and was the rankest stupidity I have ever read in a newspaper. Jones and Cherkis attempted to appear serious by pretending to throw in a critique on some minor issues. Very weak, indeed. I’m surprised they didn’t throw in a Photoshop-altered picture of Ms. Lanier wearing a nightie. That’s what sells the City Papier Mâché! Hey, why don’t you investigate each of the city council’s sexual proclivities! Whoo, boy! Now, that’s journalism!

Alexandria, Va.