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after years of opening the washington Post and the Annapolis Capital daily to check the sports sections for the feats of the Centrowitz children and my son Jay (lacrosse and soccer) at Broadneck High School outside of downtown Annapolis, I was pleasantly shocked to see the name “Matt Centrowitz” on the cover of City Paper (“‘I Coach. You Run,’” 12/8). I am transitioning back to living in Washington, where Jay was born, and it looked like a taste of home. Although I first expected a story about son Matt, thinking maybe he had transferred to American University, I was very surprised to read a story about his dad instead. Yes, I knew Coach Centrowitz coached his children and about his earlier feats as a runner, but the story was unexpected and quite a coincidence for me.

But two comments: First, I’m from New York City, too, and the beginning of your story, in what I view as an attempt to make Coach Centrowitz sound “NYC tough” by discussing his bodily needs, was unnecessary. We baby boomers of NYC heritage are tough by nature, and his coaching methodology is really tough, but the way you approached it was inappropriate. Secondly, you missed an opportunity we need to take at every possibility: the lauding of a family man who brought up great children who excel in running like their father did and who have been shown to be great sportsmen and -women. That feat may even be rarer than Coach Centrowitz’s success at American University and one he should be very proud of!

Columbia Heights