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The Charge: Simple Assault

The Record: On or about March 28, Ashley L. Dorsey and Kanica Montgomery were “involved in an argument concerning a previous incident that occurred in the 5300 Block of Clay Terrace NE.” Dorsey stabbed Montgomery in the upper left arm with a knife. “Two of [Dorsey’s] shirts were taken as evidence because they were stained with a substance consistent with blood.” The record’s sparse on details, but before her sentencing, Judge Jeanette Clark offered a few more: “The defendant is 18 years old. This is a very serious, serious crime, with the defendant stabbing the complaining witness, who was pregnant.…Defendant does get credit for accepting responsibility, but this is a very vicious and serious crime.”

Convicted: 10/23/07


Lawyer: “This involved a dispute among neighbors, which escalated into a fight. The defendant has made very important and, I think, significant efforts to obtain her GED, to regularize her life. She’s been under the provisions of a very strict pre-trial release program, where she has maintained all of the conditions of her release,” says lawyer Michael Olshonsky. “She’s remorseful about this situation. She understands she can’t involve herself in another physical conflict with other individuals.”

Defendant: Not a peep


The Sentence: One-hundred-eighty days in jail, execution of sentence suspended to all but 14 days in jail, followed by one year of supervised probation; $50 assessed under the Victims of Violent Crime Compensation Act of 1996 is due by Oct. 1, 2008. “The court is going to sentence you under the Youth Act, which means if you’re successful, you can have your conviction expunged,” says Judge Clark. “You are to enroll in an anger management course, and you are to obtain your GED.”