A Pissed Jeans performance is probably the only time one can be in close proximity to a sweaty, shirtless dude screeching about ice cream toppings and performing some masturbatory microphone puppetry without feeling entirely uncomfortable. Singer Matt Korvette is no stranger to extreme displays, vacillating between writhing around like a stubborn demon resisting an exorcism and outright teasing the audience. Though the songs often touch on the quiet despair of the working class, Korvette injects both the lyrics and the performances with poignant comic relief. Because Pissed Jeans is signed to Sub Pop, critics are falling over one another to dub them the next Mudhoney, but the Philly quartet’s sound is more of a sludgy celebration of vintage SST. Either way, who can’t love a group of scrawny, crass, and scantily clad guys who sound like they wore out their Black Flag cassettes back in middle school?