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The Charge: Possession With Intent to Distribute Ecstasy; Attempted Carrying a Pistol Without a License

The Record: Police executed a search warrant at Marion Rawlings’ home north of Union Station, where he “was found to be standing next to the couch.” Inside the living room couch, they discovered crack cocaine in resealable plastic bags, two green resealable plastic bags with 39 yellow tablets that appeared to be Ecstasy, a stolen .40 caliber Springfield Arms semi-automatic pistol with three rounds of ammunition. In addition, 230 grams of a substance consistent with marijuana was found in both the couch and the kitchen cupboard. “Based on your affiant’s training and experience, the amount and packaging of crack-cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana were all consistent with distribution and not personal use.”

Convicted: 11/16/07


Lawyer: “Mr. Rawlings is the person that tells people to walk the straight and narrow. Nevertheless, he finds himself as a perpetrator of a criminal activity,” says Rawlings’ lawyer Leonard Long. “It appears that all of Mr. Rawlings’ missteps are a result of his longtime dependence and abuse of drugs.” But he wants to get clean, says Long. “His high is not the drugs. His high now is spending time with his young son. He doesn’t want to trade that. He understands now to spend time with his young son, he has to give up the drugs.”

Defendant: Softly reaffirms his desire to take care of his son


The Sentence: Six months in jail for the possession charge, 90 days in jail for the pistol charge. Time should be served consecutively, followed by 18 months of supervised probation.