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Standout Track:

No. 3, “Penguin Tuxes at the Disco Bar,” a gloom-tinged party anthem. Frontmen Jeffrey Scott, 24, and Philippe Andreas, 20, espouse fightin’ words over a backing track that’s part industrial melody, part video-game MIDI file. The lyrics mesh spite and self-deprecation (“Republicans give us the look/Let them hear who invited the waste”), but midway through, the track speeds into a distortion-heavy alarm-sounding: “Fire on the disco floor!”

Musical Motivation:

“It’s about going to a party and thinking you’re the coolest person in the world, but everyone hates you,” says Scott, a Fort Washington resident. He and Andreas wrote the creepy dance track from experience (guitarist Niku Azam and drummer Phil Ceconi, both 20, round out the four-piece). “Everywhere we go, we walk around thinking we’re awesome all the time,” Scott explains. “But really, people think we’re idiots.”

Bedsit Dance:

Scott says “Penguin” is meant to sound angry. “But there’s an underlying dance theme throughout the record, and when you think of dancing, you think of happiness and fun.” The Drugstore Cowboys know a thing or two about dance: Next month they’ll perform with New York scenester DJs the Misshapes. Still, Scott insists the band members aren’t always so party-oriented. “We like to chill out,” says Scott. “You actually just talked to me while I was laying in bed.”

The Drugstore Cowboys play Friday, Nov. 30, and Saturday, Dec. 1, at Jammin’ Java.