The Charge: Unlawful Distribution of a Controlled Substance

The Record: On June 27, Zakiyyah Turner was waved down by two undercover officers on the 1400 block of Otis Place NW. The officers, members of the 3rd District Vice Unit, asked for “a two-piece,” meaning two pieces of crack cocaine. Turner said, “put the money on the wall.” One officer placed two $10 bills on the wall, and Turner placed two pieces of aluminum foil containing a white rocklike substance on the wall, according to the record. Then, the officers disappeared into the night. The substance was “field tested and tested positive for cocaine base. A general lookout was broadcast for a black female wearing a black shirt and bluejeans.” When arrest teams caught up with Turner, an officer asked if she had anything illegal on her body. She motioned toward her bra and responded “crack.” The Metropolitan Police Department drug-money funds were later recovered from Turner’s rear left pants’ pocket.

Convicted: 11/16/07

Pleas For Mercy

Lawyer: “Turner has a long-standing serious drug problem,” says attorney Mitchell Baer. “There appears to be mental health issues as well. Ms. Turner did take an early plea, which obviously means she needs help, drug treatment.” (According to other statements in the court, Turner’s been on probation three times, and all three times her probation has been revoked for various aspects of noncompliance.)

Judge: “You’re young. You just want to be an old junky, an old drug addict. It doesn’t seem like you’ve made up your mind,” says Judge Natalia Combs Greene.


The Sentence: Thirty months in jail, execution of sentence suspended as to all but six months. Eighteen months of supervised probation.