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I was recently chatting with one of my soldiers, and I made a comment about our landing on the moon. He rebuffed me and said, “We never went to the moon. Didn’t you know it was all faked?” Being in my early 40s, I remember the space race and what landing on the moon meant. Bob, what do you think: Did the government fake the moon landings? —SSG Bill Tolles, Baghdad, Iraq

I think American astronauts went to and landed on the moon. The last time I checked, there were artifacts to prove it. But if an event like that happened today, I might be a touch more suspicious. Technology has come a long way. Look at the liberal use of CGI; look at plastic surgery and Botox. I also think the Internet has made it hard for younger folks to truly believe in anything, which is a real shame. A healthy dose of cynicism is one thing, but not believing that we actually landed on the moon is a tough one to buy. Sometimes, conspiracy theories are presented in ways that interest people as much as the actual events they attempt to debunk. Maybe in 45 years, American kids will sit in school cafeterias and argue over whether or not we actually spent the surpluses earned in the ’90s on a military presence in the Middle East. Will it seem like a conspiracy theory when they point out the lack of weapons of mass destruction? Or will they say the government put them there in the first place? —Bob Mould

Bob Mould blogs at modulate.blogspot.com.