Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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Do you see reunions as a great opportunity to experience long-dormant bands active once again, or a cheap cash-in? Being 23 years old, I wasn’t able to see the Pixies during their original lifespan, so catching them live in ’04 was a great thrill (and My Bloody Valentine’s recent reunion is even more exciting). But what terrible deed have we done to be punished with a revival of the Smashing Pumpkins? —Stephen Maurer, Philadelphia

Putting something once broken back together is always a challenge. There’s no telling if all the pieces will be there and, if so, whether they still work or fit together properly. The band could reinforce its importance in the history books or tarnish prior achievements. As a fan, I try to bear in mind what time and gravity do to all of us. I can also make the choice to idealize the original experience, shun the reunion, and keep the band in high regard. Regarding the cheap cash-in: If people are willing to part with the money, more power to the band for accepting it. Any cash that can go somewhat directly from the consumer to the creator is good. People spoke highly of the Pixies’ reunion dates, though I chose not to attend. But if those MBV dates actually happen, I’ll be intrigued. As for the Pumpkins, the reunion might be tied to the sales of Billy Corgan’s solo album, but that’s pure speculation. —Bob Mould

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