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Standout Track:

No. 1, “I Wouldn’t Worry,” a pop tune rife with trumpets, handclaps, and cheery harmonies. Singer-guitarist Olivia Mancini sings a tale of frustrated relationships: “So you thought about the Army/And you thought about jail/But neither seemed the way out/So you packed your bags for Boston/Thought of her not as often as she’d like.” Ultimately, the song is about not letting it all get to you: “But I wouldn’t worry would you, would you?/I wouldn’t worry,” she sings on the chorus.

Musical Motivation:

Mancini, 28, has weathered her share of long-distance relationships. “They cause a lot of anxiety and confusion, and you kind of always feel like you’re doing something wrong,” says the Logan Circle resident. When she wrote the song in 2005, she says, “I was under a lot of stress. I was talking to myself a lot, telling myself, ‘Don’t worry.’” Mancini then decided “to make it into a musical joke.…I sort of built the story around that little mantra of mine.”

The Game of the Name:

Mancini, who plays bass in Washington Social Club, started her side project about two years ago. “I had a bunch of songs that didn’t fit with Social Club style,” she says. She also had a bunch of musician friends who happened to live in the same house in Arlington, but the housemates have since scattered across the city; guitarist Ed Donohue is now a New Yorker. Is the band going to change its outdated name? “We’re taking suggestions,” says Mancini.