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Standout Track:

No. 6, “All the World Is New,” a country-tinged piano ballad driven by elegiac vocals from songwriter and multi-­instrumentalist Ryan Walker. “All the world is gone, and all the world is new/Haven’t learned a thing that’s of any use to you,” sings Walker before Exit Clov’s Emily and Susan Hsu indulge in an atonal violin break that sounds like they’re squeegee-ing the bug guts from the windshield of Walker’s broken heart.

Musical Motivation:

“The song is about all the things that you feel when you’re in transition,” says Walker. When he wrote the song in 2005, the life of the 28-year-old Falls Church resident was in upheaval: He’d departed from the theater program at New York University to pursue a career in music. Not to mention girls. “I was certainly on the last legs of a relationship,” says Walker. “It’s not really about a breakup though—it’s bigger than that.”

Appetite for Instruction:

Walker is an aberration amongst local musicians in that he actually makes a living from music. “I do a lot of freelance stuff, and I teach guitar, piano, and bass,” says Walker. He also plays music at Columbia Baptist Church in his hometown. Walker feels that all this professional experience has only sharpened his musicianship—as well as his sense of diplomacy. “Playing at the church was kind of a safe environment to learn about playing with a band,” he says. “There are so many bands that have been destroyed by poor interpersonal relationships—like Guns N’ Roses.”