Jack Hornady
Jack Hornady

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The Afflicted: Dan Amitai, Ivan Khilko, and Adrian Parsons, hosts of Beyond, a weekly dubstep happy hour in the Upstairs lounge above P Street NW restaurant Skewers.

Diagnosis: Dub what? Since launching Beyond last May, Amitai, Khilko, and Parsons have been figuring out how to promote an underground U.K. music genre here. “First, most people aren’t familiar with the music genre as a whole,” says Amitai. “Second, a lot of the people who hear it don’t necessarily like it.”

Symptoms: In a nightlife scene heavy on dance beats, building an audience for dubstep’s darker, minimalist sound has been a challenge. “A lot of people say that dubstep is a full-body experience,” says Amitai. “Unfortunately, you have to get some bodies in the door for them to figure that out.” First, though, Beyond had to kick some other bodies out. “On one of our first nights, our room was double-booked,” says Parsons. “We got in and said, ‘Great! There are some people here who are a little bit older, with wire-framed glasses,’” he says. “But they turned out to be a group of conspiracy-theory people from the 9/11-was-an-inside-job retaliation front.”

Treatment: “We try to start with some downtempo and trip-hop stuff that most people will already know, while dropping some of the more interesting music in between,” says Amitai. “When we do that, we find it’s much more manageable. And a lot of times, people end up liking the experimental stuff better.” Adds Parsons: “The $2 beers don’t hurt.”

Beyond is held Wednesdays from 6 to 11 p.m. at 1633 P St. NW. Writer’s block? Funding issues? Technical difficulties? Send your story to problem@washingtoncitypaper.com.