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I find it ludicrous that FreeRepublic’s Kristinn Taylor compares the women of Code Pink to the KKK (“Rose Colored Clashes,” 1/11). These women have never used tactics of fear and intimidation to make their point.

I admire the women of Code Pink for their passion and their dedication to peace. I am proud to call many of them friends. I have taken part in their actions on Capitol Hill and will continue to do so in the future. I consider these women to be true American patriots who are working daily for peace and justice.

By the way, the Code Pink women assure me that, contrary to what is written in the City Paper article, anyone is welcome to their Wednesday night potluck dinners. All they ask is that those attending be civil and respectful of those with different viewpoints.

Mike Marceau, vice president, D.C. Area Chapter, Veterans for Peace
Rockville, Md.

Beating Around the Bush

As George Orwell said over half a century ago, “Pacifism can only be preached behind the protective cover of the British Navy,” and the same is true with the U.S. Navy today. Let us remember that the grandparents of the Code Pinkers delivered “Peace in our time” in 1938 when England appeased tyranny, and Americans thought they could hide from it and stick their heads in the sand and ignore it.

The so-called activists are not just amusing theater, they actually embolden the enemies of freedom. And the tyrants whom organizations like Code Pink and their totalitarian allies support hate the West because women are allowed to attend school, learn to read, expose their hair or skin. Of course they have no understanding of the connection, and I suspect none of them have ever read bin Laden’s fatwa of 1996 calling for the deaths of Americans and other Westerners who support women’s rights.

But trying to argue with them will get you nowhere since their religion is far more ingrained than any of the traditional churches such as Protestantism, Judaism, Catholicism, etc. Medea Benjamin moved to her “Utopia” of communist Cuba decades ago because she hated the USA and said she thought she had died and gone to heaven on earth. Sadly for us, even Castro thought she was too radical for “heaven” and kicked her out. This was long before G.W. Bush had even thought of getting into politics. But of course he is now the cause of all the world’s problems, including the heartbreak of psoriasis.

And introducing facts to the issue will only result in getting an insult in return. They live in a world made safe for them by patriots who have shed their blood to enable them to speak in English and not German or Japanese or Arabic, and they can shut out the real world by living in halfway houses where they share their delusions with fellow sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Jack Adams
Dupont Circle


Due to an error by columnist Mike DeBonis, Loose Lips (1/11) misstated the residence of mayoral chief of staff Tene Dolphin. She is a resident of Ward 5, not Ward 8.