When it comes to handling uninvited party guests, you’ve got to give it up for King Florestan the XIV of Marius Petipa’s and Peter Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Sleeping Beauty. “What’s that you say, evil fairy Carabosse? You weren’t on the guest list for my daughter’s christening ceremony? Oh, what a terrible mistake. I blame, uh, the master of ceremonies.” Tchaikovsky’s adaptation of Charles Perrault’s fairy tale La Belle au Bois Dormant goes on to tell the familiar story of a century-long nap for the princess and her kingdom, one handsome prince who’s a hell of a kisser, and a big old shebang of a wedding during which Puss in Boots shakes her tail on the dance floor. How closely the American Ballet Theatre’s “brand-new interpretation” of Tchaikovsky’s version follows the original storyline remains to be seen, but it’s sure to feature plenty of other characters busting some serious ballet moves as well. The performances run to Sunday, Feb. 3; see City List for a complete schedule. $29–$110. (202) 467-4600.