Those not familiar with Andrew W.K. outside of the slew of thunderously stomping, raucously emphatic party-rock anthems he released in the early ’00s might be surprised to find him credited as a producer on Sightings’ latest album, Through the Panama. Those aware of the party maven’s under-the-radar alter ego as an affiliate of the world of experimental noise, however, won’t be shocked at his choice to work with the Brooklyn-based trio. Load Records mainstay and Ecstatic Peace favorite Sightings combine a tribal churn, ear-shredding shrieks of electronic noise, and vocals recited with monkish restraint until they unexpectedly erupt into a teeth-gnashing snarl. Through the Panama brings to mind the brooding nihilism of Swans at their most horrifyingly apocalyptic. Sightings are an aural force, whether they’ve got a particularly cool minor celebrity endorsing them or not.

Sightings performs at 9:30 p.m. Monday, March 10, at the Red and the Black, 1212 H St. NE. $8. (202) 399-3201.