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Like the multimedia work by the celebrated postminimalist artist Bruce Nauman, Dan Steinhilber’s works involve visual gags. A good Steinhilber joke is more quizzical than explicit: one fan blowing into another, making it appear that both fans are plugged in, for example. In his latest show, Steinhilber returns to the postminimalist platform, going so far as to borrow Dan Flavin’s iconic fluorescent bulb—and smash it to bits. Sort of. The smashed-up bulb isn’t on display here (as it has been in shows elsewhere). Rather, G Fine Art presents Steinhilber’s photographs of this work as well as another installation, in which leaf-blowers kick up a flurry of packaging peanuts into the air. The photos are a new and not altogether welcome departure for Steinhilber: The high-quality presentation but poor printing places them somewhere between art and artifact. The exhibition is on view from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, to Saturday, April 26, at G Fine Art, 1515 14th St. NW, suite 200. Free. (202) 462-1601. —Kriston Capps