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Blueberry, lime, pepper, chocolate—if you can eat it, you can find it in vodka. Sometimes it seems like vodka companies just want to see how far they can push their customers’ palates, and sometimes, it seems like people who drink infused vodkas refuse to accept that the spirit already has a flavor. But then there are drinks like PS 7’s Bolshevik, which exemplifies what infusions should be. Kazakhstan’s Snow Queen vodka is infused with beets, which are peeled, quartered, and placed raw in the spirit for three days. Tiffany Short’s cocktail adds a splash of fresh lime juice and lime-basil simple syrup to the infusion. Despite the drink’s dark purple/brown color, it tastes light and refreshing. The flavor is subtle and will, in no way, bring pickled beets to mind. But it will make you rethink your preconceptions about infusions.