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Sticky Fingers isn’t shy about creating vegan bootlegs of classic eats. Its kitchen has crafted a vegan sticky bun and reinvented the Oreo into such a creamy, sweet treat that you’ll swear off the original. But it’s Sticky’s take on Mickey D’s Egg McMuffin that has turned mornings at the Columbia Heights shop into a traffic jam of fixed-gear bikers, grad students, and working stiffs. The sandwich is very much built on the McMuffin’s architecture, just minus the animal matter. Fake eggs (made from silken tofu, soy milk, turmeric, flour, oil, and something to make it shine) stand in for the real thing, while mock sausage (cut into slices while frozen, then flash-fried) replaces that standard greasy disc. The English muffin is the organic, whole-grain variety. The tofu is the key. “The tofu is blended and then whipped,” explains co-owner Doron Greenblatt Petersan. “The secret is timing. It’s all about timing it right.” Petersan estimates that on weekends, she sells between 100 and 150 breakfast sandwiches each morning. “They’re just healthy.” she says about her version of the McMuffin. “And after you’re done eating it, you don’t feel gross.”