When most locals think of street-food carts, they picture a thick-fingered dude slinging boiled half-smokes—or, to be more precise, dirty-water hot dogs. If you want a real taste of D.C.’s signature snack, go to Ben’s Chili Bowl. If you want some tasty street food, check out L Street Vending aka the “Little Yellow Cart” on the southeast corner of 14th and L Streets NW. It sells the Korean barbecue known as bulgogi, a rare dish in the District. The mother-and-son team behind L Street Vending serves marinated rib-eye and chicken on rice, with a small salad and kimchi. If you like spice, order the regular bulgogi and ask for a side of gochujang; the fermented hot sauce has a mellow sweetness that complements the dish’s delicate flavors.