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Hitching Post didn’t earn top honors just because it has a front porch, but it doesn’t hurt. The porch is just part of the homey charm of this Petworth institution, located near the Armed Forces Retirement Home. Husband-and-wife owners Alvin and Adrienne Carter bought the structure in 1967, and the place pretty much feels frozen in time right there. It’s got a massive Naugahyde booth, a scruffy countertop, and an old boxy TV running nightly news programs. (You half expect to see Cronkite reading the news.) Each dinner serving is hefty enough for two, especially with the sides of vinegary potato salad or mac ’n’ cheese. You can order up pork chops or fried fish, but do yourself a favor and get the house specialty, a plate of golden, perfectly fried chicken wings. For dessert, you have your choice of cakes or muffins still sporting their grocery-store stickers. Nope, there’s not a drop of pretense here.