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The line at Hollywood East routinely spills out the door on the weekends, when people from across the area gravitate to this Wheaton spot for its Hong Kong–style dim sum. Servers wheeling steam-heated carts push a mind-blowing variety of sweet and savory treats. Many of these family-style dishes will be familiar (crispy spring rolls, shrimp-and-pork dumplings), and some will be foreign enough to require a short ingredient breakdown by your server (like the absolutely delicious slices of puffy fried dough encased in a soft noodle skin). The carts come fast, and it’s all too easy to panic and overload on pork buns, crab balls, noodle rolls, and taro cakes before you even touch the dessert trolleys laden with green-tea balls, sweet silken tofu, and dense squares of coconut gelatin. Don’t forget the tea, either. It’ll help you digest this wide-ranging Chinese buffet on wheels.