The folks at Misha’s buy only hand-picked, single-origin beans from the best coffee-producing regions in the world. I mean, what more do you need to know? How ’bout this: Misha’s roasts all its exquisite beans right on site. Still not satisfied? Did you know that Misha’s makes its own coffee blends from the beans it buys and roasts? And if that weren’t enough, Misha’s, despite its fussy approach to a cuppa joe, sports a relaxed neighborhood vibe in Old Town Alexandria. Customers can walk across the black-and-white checkered floor and reach into the old-timey fridge to grab their own milk. Or they can just chill in the roasting room, where they can smoke, play cards, and mock all the nerds chained to their laptops and lattes in the nonsmoking section. Misha’s offers a little something for everyone, including one solid cup of coffee.