A weekday breakfast in D.C. often means little more than an egg sandwich wrapped in foil from a greasy spoon. But not at Restaurant K by Alison Swope, where the namesake chef whips up tasty Southern and south-of-the-border breakfasts for less than 10 bucks a plate. K Street may seem like the last place on Earth you’d expect to find an early-morning bite of Latino cooking, but Swope’s menu reflects her most recent work at Andale in Penn Quarter, where she turned out Oaxacan-inspired dishes. Swope’s huevos motuleños are delicious calorie-busters served on corn tostadas with refried black beans, pan-fried ham, peas, and salsa. Just as tasty is her South-by-Southwest-inspired buttermilk biscuits with chorizo, poblano, and onion gravy. The scrambled eggs are served on the side, which may be the only thing here that reminds you of standard breakfast fare.