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Neapolitan pizza has become the preferred style of local pizzerias, which means nowadays you’ll find a lot of pies with puffy and charred end crusts, the kind that are equally crisp and chewy. 2Amys was the first to really tout its Neapolitan pizza in the District, and the place still reigns supreme because of its crust, which is consistently delicious. The pizzamakers also consistently use traditional Italian toppings, including tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, and maybe an anchovy or three. Don’t look for any fussy, California-style surprises—there’s no barbecued shrimp, goat cheese, pineapple, or sliced avocados at 2Amys. The crowd, the din, the wait, the bright lights on white subway tiles—well, these annoyances can’t be avoided. We’re just talking about the pies here.