Real biker bars don’t have Harley paraphernalia all over their walls and employees. Nor do they have cheesy furniture made from 1973 Sportster replicas or motorcycle-themed ashtrays. Real biker bars, in short, don’t call themselves biker bars—bikers just happen to hang out there. Sure, Asylum has motorcycle parking outside its front door as well as black-and-white monitors inside the bar to help keep an eye on your scoot. But the qualities that make Asylum a great biker bar cannot be bought or installed. They’re the patrons and staff. Polished and refined or tricked out with ink and metal, the people here are as eclectic as the bikes out front. Asylum is alive with contradictions, too: A goth space that hosts Jell-O wrestling, a bar menu that caters to vegans, and “rock & roll lounge” that boasts a brunch menu. Is it any wonder that bikers love it?