In the early ’90s, the members of Midnite left their native St. Croix, Virgin Islands, for D.C., and soon enough the group was rocking the city’s reggae venues with marathon sets. But after six years at the top of the scene, Midnite returned to St. Croix, leaving a profound impression on the region and a void in D.C. reggae. Midnite’s fusion of traditional roots reggae and future beats provides a foundation for the almost mystical chanting of frontman Vaughn Benjamin. While the majority of his peers in the conscious Rastafari reggae movement simply aspire to burn down Babylon and destroy its wicked ways, Vaughn’s lyrics articulate a vision for the healing and cleansing. During their District residency, Midnite recorded two albums in classic low-fi style: one room, two mics, minimal takes, and few effects. It has been a few years since Midnite’s last D.C. appearance, and the city is anxiously awaiting their return—Jah knows we could use the positive vibes.