If you’re the sort of person who badly misses the D.C. music scene circa 1993, there’s probably not much that will make you feel better about it. (Though see “Best Official Bootleg(s),” page 76.) Though it’s been some time since D.C.’s music scene has made a splash nationally, that’s not the same thing as saying nothing is happening, and since 2006, Gypsy Eyes has offered one of the best available rebukes. The roster is small and largely countrified, serving as a home to ex-Canyon frontman Brandon Butler, Shortstack, Vandaveer, Mikal Evans, and Revival. But the addition of D.C. psych-rockers the Apes and ex-Jonathan Fire-Eater frontman Stewart Lupton (aka Child Ballads) to the roster suggests that the label has no intention of falling into a No Depression rut.