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Simply Fashion, a chain clothing store with several locations throughout the District and Prince George’s County, offers remarkably cheap, on-trend clothing for a mere pittance. Polka-dot baby-doll smock tops: $7.99! Shoes from Charles Albert (which is possibly the only under-$25 footwear brand to have ever appeared in Lucky): $19.99! H&M may provide a similar disposable fashion fix, but undercutting Simply Fashion on the price front simply isn’t done. Especially if you’re in the right line of work. As the sign posted on the door of the Eastover location notes, law-enforcement officers get an additional 20 percent off. If you are a security guard or police officer, you can essentially build an entire wardrobe here without having to pull out any paper money. But perhaps more important, you should support Simply Fashion for its clothing-for-all approach to apparel, which extends not only to price but to size. The chain carries every size from a junior’s extra-small on up to a “Super Plus” size 36. For those unfamiliar with the sizing of ladies clothing, the deal is this: that spread means Simply Fashion can clothe a woman or girl as light as about 90 pounds to as large as about 450 pounds! That means kelly-green walking shorts, cap-sleeved cheap-o tees, cotton sundresses, and baby-pink puffer coats for both the smallest and the largest among us. Conventional wisdom tells us that “just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it,” but Simply Fashion teaches us otherwise. Whether you’re a size 00 who wants to swaddle your waifish figure in a granny-style caftan or an XXXXXL looking to show off your goodies in a halter, Simply Fashion has you covered. Or uncovered. Whichever you choose.