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Who says Washington society is dead? That may be the buzz in New York, thanks to a recent Vanity Fair article based on the “back in my day” ditherings of aging denizens. But anyone on the list for a party at Juleanna Glover’s Kalorama mansion knows there’s still life in this town. Glover, 39, doesn’t exactly fit the Sally Quinn hostess model. First off, she’s a Republican. She’s Dick Cheney’s former press secretary and a founding partner of the Ashcroft Group, a consulting firm co-founded by former attorney general John Ashcroft. In addition to helping McCain on the campaign trail and running her business, she’s the main disciplinarian for three children under 10.

Despite her partisan connections, especially to men one can’t quite imagine at a child’s birthday party, Glover’s soirees are notoriously beloved by liberal and conservative members of the Washington elite. She relishes a good mix of strong personalities and doesn’t mind the conversation veering toward religion or Iraq. Arguments are encouraged, so long as everyone’s having a good time. Of course, the guests are usually too busy having actual fun to get too bogged down in wonky debates. Her kitchen keeps the canapés coming—often made from bargain ingredients found at Costco—and Glover tries her best to buy enough wine and liquor. She usually runs out by the end of the night and says she wants to be better about that.