As spokesperson for D.C. Superior Court and the D.C. Court of Appeals—a position she’s held since May 2001—Gurowitz is at the center of a very unhappy place. It is where thousands and thousands of residents go to air their conflicts, grouse over their bad luck, and try to explain away their really bad decisions. Within the past year, she has had the unenviable task of providing comfort and aid to reporters on the $54 million pants lawsuit and the Banita Jacks beat, in addition to the dozens of other requests each week. She handles these tasks with speed, wit, and integrity. You can count on three things from Gurowitz: a set of true facts, a funny anecdote, and a dollop of Dear Abby advice. Even after 6 p.m., she does great phone work—for instance, during this interview:

So how do you feel about being the best flack?

I’m tremendously flattered because so many of my colleagues are so skilled and thus present such stiff competition.

When did you realize you were the best in town?

When you called me.

You mentioned you had to get approval for this.

I wanted to run it by other people here before I got back to you.

Run it by whom?

No comment.