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Ancient Egyptians invented the light bulb. The government isn’t telling you everything it knows about the moon landings. Atlantis is around here somewhere. If you squint, you can totally see flying saucers in the distance. Robert Stack has an awesome voice. Since last November, WWTD, a low-power affiliate (and thus far only affiliate) of the “WUFO-TV” network, has been proudly asserting these claims, broadcasting a daily mix of sci-fi movie trailers, documentaries on crop circles, and footage of conferences on space aliens. Much of it seems broadcast straight from crazytown (it actually broadcasts from WRC-TV’s antenna in Tenleytown), and it can be difficult to pick up a signal on occasion (the channel’s Web site sells antennas), but it’s worth messing with the rabbit ears for a bit to take the occasional trip through the looking glass and realize just how many people are fixated on ancient cultures, government coverups, and probing.