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Who has the most accurate weather forecasts in the D.C. area? No clue. Capital Weather Gang says that Channel 7’s Doug Hill is the best evening forecaster around, and I’ll take their word for it. More intriguing, at least to me, is the way fierce competition among the local newscasts has created an absurd game of one-upmanship when it comes to naming their forecasts. Channel 4 boasts Weather Plus Live Digital Doppler XT; Channel 7 has Live SuperDoppler 7; Channel 9 has 9 WeatherNow Doppler 9000HD!!!1!!1! That’s a lot of nomenclature for forecasts that accurately predict the arrival of storms (in my personal unscientific estimate) 3 percent of the time. The local Fox affiliate is no better, but it wisely understands that the word “Doppler” impresses nobody, and there’s a lovely Bruckheimerian lilt to “Fox 5 Storm Force”; it confers an air of deep authority that the competition can’t match.