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Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park isn’t only a jewel of urban park architecture and the place where they do those goddamn drum circles, it’s also the sweetest place in the city to kick your own ass. Here’s the deal: Start at the bottom. No, not by the fountains. Not even by the pebble walkway—I mean down by the W Street sidewalk. At the corner of 15th and W, stretch out those hams, then sprint, hard, up the stairs, down the walkway, up some more stairs, past the fountain, up some more stairs, past the James Buchanan memorial (James Buchanan memorial?), up more stairs, past the Dante statue, up some more stairs, then up still more stairs. Congrats; you’re at the top. You might even be able to enjoy the view if you weren’t gasping for every spare molecule of oxygen in Northwest Washington. Now you have a choice: Trot down the steps on the other side—all the way down!—and do it again. Or, take a nice leisurely jog looping around the upper portion of the park to catch your breath—and then do it again. Extra fun part: Dodging the drug dealers!