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Sure, it’s been four years since Frank Herzog has even been a Redskins announcer. His tenure ended when Dan Snyder, for reasons that were never explained or obvious, booted Herzog of the booth he’d shared with Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff for a quarter-century and replaced him with longtime Snyder toadie Larry Michael.

Fans have never gotten over the loss. Every few weeks since the firing, it seems, somebody posts another thread about Herzog on Snyder’s own Web site, Extremeskins.com.

And every single thread gets posters to gush about how much Herzog, his rapport with Sonny & Sam, and that catchphrase—“Touchdown, Washington Redskins!”—are missed.

In a recent thread, “Herzog vs Michaels. Who is the voice of our Skins?” Herzog won out over his replacement, by a 20–1 margin. That’s about the usual spread.

Michael gets pounded like Tex Cobb in every Herzog thread. A poster going by “Ntoro” summed up the mood in four words: “Larry is a toolbag.”