Few would envy Weaver’s job overseeing Adams Morgan. But for years, he has been one of—perhaps the only—level-headed voice in his neighborhood’s various high-pitched squabbles over liquor licenses and gentrification. And he’s not afraid to step in and go a few rounds on behalf of low-income tenants against greedy slumlords and their attack-dog lawyers. But Weaver stands out as one of the few elected officials who have taken a real interest in troubled kids. He knows just about every corner-hugger and any kid who is even thinking about starting shit. He’s also a regular on the basketball courts, playing pickup hoops and organizing a local tournament. And every summer, Weaver leaves his home for a month to take troubled kids to Guatemala for some cultural exchange as part of his Hoops Sagrado organization. He’s gotten kids out of trouble. And he’s gotten them to stay that way.