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Iranian writer-director Pourya Azarbayjani’s Unfinished Stories may frustrate anyone who threw Skittles at the screen after No Country for Old Men‘s abrupt nonending—this film asks you to invest yourself in not one but three discrete setups that end with question marks. Azarbayjani introduces (and then abandons) three women: Setareh (Setareh Pesyani), a young girl anxious about running away with her boyfriend, Hengameh (Hengameh Ghaziani), a woman thrown out by her husband when he discovers she’s pregnant, and finally Manijheh (Saiideh Amir Saii), a new mother who must sneak her baby out of the hospital because she can’t pay the bill. The plot shifts feel like chugging along with a good book only to find its final chapters torn out, but the stories subtly interlock. Most notably, all three stories predominantly take place on the streets in the middle of one cold, deserted night, and a tragedy—perhaps finishing one of the women”s tales—adds a discussion-worthy element that elevates the film above a mere creative-writing exercise. The actresses, too, are all vulnerable and heartbreaking, their characters showing both fear and strength as they struggle to retain their humanity under social oppression.