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Madame Aldjeria (Biyouna) is one of the most successful fixers in Algiers: For a price she’ll make sure that a restaurant you’re competing with gets shut down by the health department, or smooth the way to a lucrative divorce by making sure your husband is photographed in the arms of a sexy young thing. In Nadir Mokneche’s feature, Aldjeria is having a rough time pulling off the latter scam. The man she’s targeted is immune to the charms of the stunning Scheherazade (Nadia Kaci), so Aldjeria brings in the equally stunning, if more naive, Paloma (Aylin Prandi) to assist. Now if only Aldjeria’s son, Riyad (Daniel Lundh) would stop asking where Dad is and lay off flirting with the staff. The opening shots of Paloma Delight, which show Aldjeria leaving prison and letting us know how her best-laid plans went, does sap some of the film’s energy. But the bigger problem is that Mokneche puts a little too much trust in the eye candy he puts on screen—Kaci and Prandi are as luminous and sexy as their roles demand, but at more than two hours the seductress plot wears thin.