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Any music aficionado these days can tell you about Tropicalia and how bands such as Os Mutantes flourished in the politically charged atmosphere of ’60s Brazil, doing to bossa nova what the Beatles and the Stones did to blues. But the members of Chicha Libre are further expanding the minds of stateside psych enthusiasts with their own take on a lesser-heard sound, from one of South America’s less scrupulously documented music scenes. The Brooklyn-based act performs chicha, a style of South American psych born in Peru in the late ’70s. The chicha that Chicha Libre plays, though, is even more hybridized. The musical export is the brainchild of an expat named Olivier Conan; a longtime Brooklyn resident, born in Paris, who started playing the style with a group of Americans. If you’re looking to delve deeper into the history of world psychedelia, Chicha Libre offers an Anglophonically tinged entryway to the Amazon’s more obscure aural arenas. Chicha Libre performs with the Black and Tan Fantasy Band and Os Magrelos at 10 p.m. at the Velvet Lounge, 915 U St. NW. $10. (202) 462-3213.