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The Afflicted: DJ Moosic (aka Mike Musumeci) and DJ Jigglez (aka Pat Jagla), known together as Party on Marz.

Diagnosis: Cheese-rock allergy. Since securing a gig at the Top 40-heavy Foggy Bottom bar McFadden’s earlier this year, college friends Musumeci, 24, and Jagla, 23, have stopped believing. “We don’t want to be spinning Journey all the time,” says Musumeci.

Symptoms: DJ-patient dislocation. “If your doctor recommended that you take a certain medication, you would take it,” says Musumeci. “But when we’re in a club, people don’t treat us like professionals. We always want to show people the new stuff, but they’re only interested in listening to the Journey or the Soulja Boy from last year.” That’s not to say that “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” is necessarily bad. “Even if a song is good, it can become so overplayed and stale that it actually pains us to have to play it again,” says Musumeci.

Treatment: A varied diet, in moderation. “We try to play requests while mixing in enough of our own tastes to make it interesting,” says Musumeci, though Jagla notes that Hot Chip and Chromeo are about as obscure as they can get. Party on Marz is trying to see the imposed limitations as a professional challenge. “In a given night, we’ll play for 400 D.C. high schoolers looking for straight go-go, then head over to a NASCAR party where all they want to hear is country and classic rock,” says Musumeci.

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