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It’s hard to listen to a song by Snack Truck and not have images of sinewy, ax-wielding Valkyries come stampeding into your mind. Even if the song in question is titled “Basketball.” Two drummers, a guitarist, and a bassist strong, the quartet plays instrumental rock so epic one can only assume that the band is on tour from Conan the Barbarian’s hometown of Cimmeria rather than Richmond, Va. In concert, Snack Truck’s spiraling arpeggios ascend like so many fallen warriors lifted up to Valhalla, while the drums pound with enough urgency to inspire the pens of a thousand Dungeons & Dragons illustrators. They have long hair, they are smelly, and the force of their stage volume could probably implode mountain tops. In short, they are the leading purveyors of crushing Hyborian rock in the modern age. Snack Truck performs with Sawhorse, We Versus the Shark, and Tunturia at 9:30 p.m. at the Red and the Black, 1212 H St. NE. $8. (202) 399-3201.