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Standout Track: Song No. 2, “Tuscaloosa,” which uses a Blue Öyster Cult-style guitar intro to set the scene for frontman Andy Fox’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics. “Have you ever been to Tennessee?/Have you ever wanted more?/Same as the old boss profiteers/Sipping margarita lore,” sings Fox in a marble-mouthed drawl.

Musical Motivation: “There’s not really a narrative or anything,” says Fox, a 38-year-old Mount Pleasant resident. “Dave [Jones] wrote the music, and I did the words. It’s just snippets put together to make it seem like it could be about something. As I understand, you know, Dean Wareham just throws phrases on a table and sees where they fall.” Fox admits that the recording process was subject to a similar freewheeling attitude, given that it was the first time they played with drummer John Howard. “It was the first session we did. I assume we’d play it a little differently if we did it again.”

Hammer Time: Recorded in 2005, “Tuscaloosa” is an oldie for the Foreign Press. The band has plenty of new material, but some industry issues have kept them out of the studio. Construction industry issues, to be more specific. “John has a studio in his [Arlington] basement and a year and a half ago he started a new house renovation that took longer than he thought,” says Fox. “We’re probably going to start recording again in the fall. We’ve got a lot more songs. The whole thing just took a long time—he had to dig another part out, put in a whole first and second floor. There was a lot of contractor coordination.”

The Foreign Press plays Wednesday, May 28, at the Velvet Lounge.