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Justin Moyer’s article on Mambo Sauce (One Track Mind, 5/2) was good, however, all the info is not accurate. For Mambo Sauce is CERTAINLY NOT the “original go-go band that plays only all original music.” This is false and a ploy they use all the time to try to boost their group. Not only is there another band in the city that has all original music and lyrics, but Mambo Sauce is aware of them. Their name is T.E.M.P.O (stands for Talented, Experienced, Musicians, Playing, Originally), and they have been together a little over two-and-a-half years. These guys really crank! Their studio hits are better, and their live performances blow M.S out of the water!

Mambo Sauce does not acknowledge T.E.M.P.O, who my son, Charles, manages, because they know that they are soon to make their debut and fear what could happen knowing full well what T.E.M.P.O is going to bring to the table.

It is foolish for Mambo Sauce to think, let alone to state that they are the only original go-go band in the area, or the only go-go band that is trying to take the music from underground and local, to worldwide and mainstream. T.E.M.P.O is not a copycat act! They are a group of Talented individuals that started on their journey a full year before anyone even knew who Mambo Sauce was! Their music swagger and style is a little more alternative and edgy than Mambo Sauce and a lot more aggressive.

Mambo Sauce’s message to the world is: D.C here we are…notice us…give us a chance. T.E.M.P.O’s message is here we come!!! We’re not asking for a shot, we’re taking it!!!!

Hey man, these guys have been doing it for a long time now, and if you like Mambo Sauce you will love T.E.M.P.O Talented, Experienced Musicians, Playing, Originally!

I hope the article will be revised or maybe another one written telling the truth!!!!!!

Catherine Sanders

Bowie, Md.

the hard cell

I’ve read your story (“Failure to Report,” 4/11) with a keen interest on how two troubled inmates are allowed to fall through the cracks of D.C.’s jail system and allowed to die under the radar and on the watch of the trained eyes of D.C. Jail officials. Just as the reports offered on your Web site contain numerous blanks, so are questions that are still left blank and unanswered. In order to get the right answers it may take millions and millions of the taxpayers’ dollars and years of litigation and digging up the D.C. Jail’s backyard. I can envision the dirt and mud-slinging back and forth between lawyers and governmental officials. Let’s not forget the blame game that is not far behind. None of which is consolation to the descendants’ next of kin. In the meanwhile, the floodgates of wrongful-death cases will continue to pour in, and hopefully the Fenty administration will step up to the plate and clean house. D.C. Jail was and is still known for its mess and piled up dirty laundry. I am glad that your paper has aired the dirty laundry to the public. I have to give your story four stars.

Sharon J. Chambers



Due to a reporting error by columnist Mike DeBonis, last week’s Loose Lips column (“The Fix Is In”) attributed the quote “In this town, if you don’t support gay marriage, you don’t deserve to be on the council” to Rick Rosendall. It was actually said by Bob Summersgill.

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