Ledroit Park, 2008
Ledroit Park, 2008 Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Contest closes tomorrow morning

In anticipation of our June 20 “Hoods & Services” issue, the City Paper is holding a special competition for the best neighborhood photo shot in and around the District. Submit your photos—as many as you like—for a chance to win one of three prize packages:

Grand Prize: Your shot will be the paper’s PAGE THREE photo for the June 20 “Hoods & Services” issue! In addition, you’ll get the City Paper gift basket (see below), including $50 at a great local restaurant.

Second Prize: The gift basket, plus $25 at a restaurant.

Third Prize: The gift basket in all its glory.

Uploading to Flickr is pretty simple:

  1. Sign up
  2. Join our group
  3. Tag your photo(s) by neighborhood name
  4. Click “Send to Group.”

So whip out the camera and hit the town. Then submit your photos for a chance at City Paper immortality.

The Washington City Paper gift basket includes a $50 certificate to one of Young & Hungry‘s favorite neighborhood eateries, along with a tall drinking mug, a designer CP t-shirt, two passes to the Landmark Theatre, and a tote bag to carry your City Paper home.