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Standout Track: “Hit and Run,” a postpunk song about automotive anxiety that evolves from a slow, haunting opening to a scrappy wall-of-sound climax, thanks to guitarists Thomas Redmond and Ross Kerr. “I can’t disguise the thoughts that lie behind those eyes,” sings Redmond in a slippery and slightly out-of-tune voice.

Musical Motivation: Redmond and Kerr—both 23-year-old Bethesda natives—stumbled onto the song’s central riff while in a previous band, Portable Shark, and jammed an ending into existence earlier this year, when bassist Melissa Beattie and drummer Noam Elsner joined True Womanhood. The lyrics, however, are still a work in progress. “It’s about the anxiety of driving a car and then possibly hitting somebody,” Redmond says. “But, I mean, I’ve never hit anybody or been hit by a car. It’s really more of a metaphor for relationships.”

Captive Audience: True Womanhood’s recent show in Baltimore, its first out-of-town gig, didn’t exactly go as planned. “The stage was in front of these clear glass doors, so you could see what was going on in the street,” says Redmond. From there, he could see a man get mugged and shot. “The guy who got shot ran up the street. He was pouring blood all over my van, all over the wheels,” he says. “I called 911. Then the police showed up and they made us close all of the doors and go inside.” Depite the drama, the show had to go on. “We didn’t want to play, but the club owners were like, ‘There are all of these people here and they can’t leave.’”

True Womanhood plays Dahlak Friday, July 18.