Patrick Corbin is an incurable romantic: His choreography as artistic director of CorbinDances combines the gravitas of ballroom dance with fleet footwork and a playful sort of insouciance. For the Good Times—presented at Dance Place as part of a full evening of Corbin’s works—unfolds like a summer romance, with a pair of dancers exploring the rules of attraction in passionate fits and spurts. Romantic Conversations presents a slightly more abstract variation on the theme, set to a classical score. But Corbin really goes for broke with Reach, a full ensemble work with a series of dazzling turns and leaps. Corbin has yet to figure out how to keep narrative aspects afloat with a large group, but his choreography displays keen spatial reasoning and lends itself to a series of fantastic stage pictures: The image of nine dancers, midflight with outstretched arms, is both tender and triumphant. THE PERFORMANCES BEGIN AT 8 P.M. SATURDAY, AUG. 2, AND 7 P.M. SUNDAY, AUG. 3, AT DANCE PLACE 3225 8TH ST. NE. $22. (202) 269-1600. —Nick Green