If you overhear someone this weekend musing about which part of the chicken yields the McNugget, you’ve probably just found yourself in the midst of the DC Comedyfest, which runs through Sunday at various local venues. (See dccomedyfest.com for a full schedule.) The fest brings professional funny people from around the country to stand up and be counted, and among the up-and-comers taking the mic is George Washington University alum T.J. Miller. Though he’s performed both with Second City and fellow indie comics for a long time, Miller is probably best known for his portrayal of a man trying to get laid even as Armageddon unfolds around him in Cloverfield. Once you’ve confronted a building-sized sea creature that eats skyscrapers and poops caustic lice the size of cars, telling jokes about drawing penises on your drunk buddy’s face is easy. T.J. MILLER PERFORMS AT 9:30 P.M. AT THE BLACK CAT, 1811 14TH ST. NW. $15. (202) 667-4490.