Standout Track: No. 1, “TNTH” (“totally nude totally hot”), an unapologetically boneheaded garage-psych jam that follows a lifetime of libidinous punk-rock living to a flaccid, middle-age conclusion. “Last night when I was laying in bed/I grabbed a magazine and used the head,” guitarist Scott Wingo sings over a two-chord vamp. “It opened up to page 112, and then I got the revelation.”

Musical Motivation: Wingo, a 48-year-old Fairfax resident, wrote “TNTH” to piss off his bandmates. “I was sensing that a couple of the guys in the band were taking sort of a snooty attitude toward generic he-man rock—you know, AC/DC, Grand Funk Railroad—and it was bugging me,” says Wingo. “So I decided to try to write the most blatantly dumb rock tune for the explicit purpose of getting on their nerves.” But Wingo underestimated his bandmates’ sense of humor. “Everybody was completely into it, much to my amazement.”

Bale Enhancement: Rambling Shadows is made up of D.C. scene vets (including bassist/City Paper contributor Charles Steck), but their next gig in September is well out of town. “We’re playing a mountaintop in West Virginia as part of this thing called Farmpalooza,” says Wingo. “Jay Moglia, the other singer-­songwriter in the band, he owns some property out there, and some of the people in that area do this show every year.” So pack up the wizard bongs and blotters, and fasten that goat skull tight to the handlebars of your Harley, right? Alas, no. “Much to my disappointment, it isn’t a huge and insane mushroom fest. It’s parents and the kids and hay-wagon rides,” says Wingo. “But it’s fun.”