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I urge readers to boycott the dog-rental business that is reportedly planning to open in D.C. [City Desk, “Puppy Sharing: Coming to D.C.?” 8/6]. These businesses exist to make money—at the expense of the psychological well-being of the animals they use to make a profit.

Dogs are not DVDs! They thrive on routine and need to have their own “territory” and bond with a “pack” to feel secure and happy. Being bounced around from place to place is terribly confusing to them and deprives them of a permanent place to call home. Many dogs refuse to eat while their guardians are away, and some have even jumped through windows in a desperate attempt to reunite with their human.

People who want to experience the companionship of an animal without the long-term commitment can walk a busy friend’s or neighbor’s dog—or better yet, bring joy to homeless animals by volunteering at their local shelter. To learn more, visit HelpingAnimals.com.

Daphna Nachminovitch

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Norfolk, Va.